Low Fat General Diet Advice

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  • Jessica Stclair wrote on 4.7.2012 - 12:11

    Low Fat General Diet Advice

    1. Purchase a few Low Fat cookbooks for inspiration.
    2. Try not to simply cut out high fat foods to follow a lower fat diet... - try to replace them with a low fat healthy alternative.
    3. Read food labels - you may find some healthy low fat surprises.
    4. Choose low fat items when shopping - this is an easy idea and seems obvious but is often overlooked.
    5. Make changes gradually to avoid feeling deprived.
    6. Make a list before shopping and stick to it - do not add extra high fat snacks or treats.
    7. Do not go shopping when you are hungry so that you buy with your head and not with your stomach.
    8. Aim for variety in a low fat healthy diet - most families will only cook at the most ten different meals.
    9. Engage the whole of your family with healthy low fat foods and low fat cooking - they will thank you for it in future life.
    10. Learn to enjoy healthy, low fat cooking.
    11. Make low fat cooking and low fat foods part of a healthier lifestyle which includes regular exercise.
    12. Low fat eating is not the only thing to consider you need a balanced and varied diet with essential nutrients. One of the best ways is to choose healthy foods and/or power foods.
    13. Eat smaller portions of high fat foods eg meat and cheese and larger portions of vegetables. Cut back on the meat and add vegetables to spaghetti sauces and chilli, such as tomatoes, peppers mushrooms and kidney beans. You probably won't notice replacing 1/3 of meat with 1/3 more vegetables.
    14. Be patient and make these changes over 6 months, eventually your tastes will adjust to a healthy lifestyle and you will find you notice more subtle flavours.
    15. Eat natural foods - plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to avoid processed foods.
    16. Check the cereal/museli bars, although they are advertised as healthy foods they can be both high in fat and in calories.
    17. Visit fat information and fat frequently asked questions (faq) on for details about the amount of fat required in a diet and to answer your other questions.
    18. Be careful with foods that are labelled as lower or reduced fat as these may still contain large amounts of fat and not necessarily help with a low fat diet. See the fat faq for more information.
    19. Avoid nuts in your low fat diet, that are high in saturated fats, such as coconuts and macadamia nuts.

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