How to Exercise with a Broken Body Part

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  • Mia Crowe wrote on 25.1.2013 - 19:33

    How to Exercise One Body Part While Another Is Broken

    Breaking a bone and injuring part of your body can limit your mobility and what activities you can participate in. Some people take the time to rest their whole body and enjoy having time off from the gym, but there are others who want to continue making fitness gains even with a broken body part. Safety is the primary concern during this time; follow all of your doctor's recommendations and limitations to avoid hurting yourself more.

    Step 1
    Follow all of your doctor's orders. Your doctor may advise that you avoid all exercise and physical activity. He may also limit specific activities and motions that could impact your broken body part. Going against your doctor's recommendations could result in injury.

    Step 2
    Isolate the broken body part during the exercise. Do not use the broken body part at all during personal workouts. Exercise the injured area during physical therapy to help regain flexibility and range of motion.

    Step 3
    Perform low-impact cardio exercise. Try walking, swimming and the elliptical trainer. Do as much as you can without straining yourself or putting unnecessary pressure on your healing body.

    Step 4
    Complete strength training as you are capable. If you have an injury in your shoulder, collarbone or back you might not be able to lift any weights. If you have a broken leg or arm, train the opposite limb with lightweight to avoid uneven muscle composition.

    Step 5
    Engage in small sessions of exercise. While your broken bones are healing your body may have less stamina or endurance and will require rest. Start with 10 to 15 minutes per session, and depending on how you feel afterwards vary the time you engage in activity.

    Step 6
    Ask a friend to be your workout partner. This will increase the safety of your workout and allow you to have support if an accident or injury occurs.


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