Will Federer win another grand slam?

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  • Alvin Phipps wrote on 27.1.2013 - 15:19

    Do the stars favour Federer?

    Roger Federer has held the ATP no.1 position for a record 237 consecutive weeks and 285 weeks in total. He is currently the only male tennis player in the world with a total of 16 Grand Slam singles titles. No other player has ever reached the final of Grand Slam tournaments at least 5 times. When we talk about Federer, words are not enough to truly describe how great a player and sportsman he is. Lucky are those who have witnessed Federer’s historic matches. He is often referred to as the ‘greatest tennis player of all time’.

    Federer has achieved what no other player has been able to in any sport. For his feats and innumerable successes in tennis, he has been named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record four consecutive years, from 2005-2008. Popular nicknames that have been given to him include, Federer Express, FedEx or the Swiss Maestro. He never gives up easily and only his opponents know how difficult it is to beat Federer on any surface.

    He had struggled to win the French Open which has a clay surface, but Federer’s determination helped him come back year after year. He won the title in 2009 by beating Sweden’s Robin Soderling. The French Open had eluded him for years and by winning it he became one of 3 male players to win on all surfaces and one of seven players to win all four career grand slams.

    Talks about Federer’s retirement are doing the rounds and Federer fans will be highly disappointed if there’s any truth to it. There’s so much more to be seen. His rivalry with Rafael Nadal has been the greatest in tennis history, and no other match has been as breathtaking as these two playing against each other.

    Astrologically, the stars still favour him and there are chances of him winning more titles. News about Federer retiring is not likely to be true as his majestic career will continue to impress everyone in the years to come. Some may wish to see their favourite retire now while he’s still a top 5 player and not struggle the way Agassi did during the years before his retirement. The year may have been a frustrating one for Federer with Djokovic and Nadal eclipsing him, but with his recent ATP win against Jo Wilfred Tsonga, he proves he’s going nowhere yet.

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