Why Cook Making use of Protein Powder?

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  • Personal Trainer Boston wrote on 22.6.2013 - 13:18

    People currently are a lot more worried about their health. One way to start having a healthy lifestyle is through eating and preparing delicious yet healthy foods. Making use of protein powder in cooking your preferred homemade protein bars can be extremely easy because you don’t have to spend much time in your kitchen in baking one. Truly, making these protein bars throughout a summer camp may be delightful. Moreover, there are others who prefer baking pastries like muffins, breads, pancakes as well as homemade protein bars with a protein powder. This solely proves that one can enjoy into eating without the fear of putting on extra pounds with this high protein, low carbohydrate healthy snacks. Yet, a question stays if cooking ruins the nutritive value of the protein powder.


    The response would possibly be NO as this is supported by a lot of reliable sources available.

    The protein will only be dissolved whenever you cook it by using protein powder. Denature means changing the physical or even chemical state of protein. Additionally, the modification of protein structure through such method will not destroy its nutritional value. Base on the research carried out by Cornell University relating to milk and protein, it doesn’t alter digestibility or nutritional content when in contact with heat. You can even get the same amount of amino acids in a denatured protein same with the quantity that you can get from a protein powder shake or even non-baked homemade protein bar.

    For instance, whenever you cook eggs, the protein in it will be denatured due to contact with the heat which will turn the egg into a solid form and also the eggwhite turns to a solid white colour. As a result, there are limited as to hardly every made discussions that discusses the diminishing of protein when food preparation. Most people agree that cooking eggs still has the same nutritional value as like eating raw eggs. Thus following the similar idea, cooking homemade protein bars with protein powders does not lessen the nutritional value.

    The very first time I cooked baked protein bars with an oven, I mistakenly overcooked it. For that reason it turned into solid as a rock and can’t be eaten any longer. In the s Therefore, I made a decision to cook homemade protein bars in low heat which is easier for me and I can also make the best consistency of homemade protein bars.

    Lots of discussions about protein is its absorption or digestion rate whenever it is cooked. Well, if you would like to absorb protein then a protein shake is what you must consume as compared to baked or non-baked protein bar. In case you have other ingredients like fats and carbs, you can pick a slow absorption level of protein to your homemade protein bar whether you bake it or not.

    Delight in your own homemade protein bars. Keep in mind that you can get 20g of proteins in a bar, cookie or pancake. Protein shake also has exactly the same protein content.


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