PlanetSporty - Our philosophy

PlanetSporty says "Hello". Your social network for sport and health is now online.
Here you can find friends, training partners, tips concerning fitness and individual well-being, sporty people, sport events, trainers and coaches, gyms, doctors, sport clubs and much, much more...

PlanetSporty offers you the platform to arrange and organize your own sporty network leading you to a better daily performance. Sporty and vital people are more efficient - that′s a fact. So let dynamic be your only booster and become a Sporty!

Do you want to get rid of your unloved pounds? Then get some useful tips and support from the other Sporties!
Do you want to know something about your health? Then look it up in the FitnessWiki, create or join a special interest group!
Do you have a special plan for your training created by yourself? Then blog it and invite the other Sporties to discuss it!
Is your work connected to health or fitness? Then enter the worldwide SPLEX allowing easy connection with you from all over the world!
Do you want to call attention to a workshop or a sport event? Then publish it in the worldwide calendar!
Or do you just want to upload your personal sporty pics and videos, so that the other Sporties can admire you? Well, even then PlanetSporty is the place to be!

What makes PlanetSporty unique? It is the fact, that information on sport, fitness, health, nutrition, wellness, individual success and well-being is provided to you on just one site! And all this is combined with the advantages of a social network! Instead of a long and exhausting search to find all your needed information, PlanetSporty makes it much easier for you to organize your entire search in the web on one site and besides, the social network-following design makes it possible for you to share whatever you want!

For example, the businessman from the United States who is about to have a meeting anywhere in Europe can find a local gym or a personal coach easily.
The holidaymaker from Hong Kong effortlessly finds a tennis or squash partner in his vacation resort.
Bicycle riders and Mountain bikers, backpackers and adventurers, outdoor and indoor Sporties from all over the planet collect all their information and publish it in their blog or interest group to create a kind of tourist guide for all the other Sporties.
Nutritionists gain more publicity in their target group using appropriate videos on PlanetSporty.
Sporties from all over the planet connect and unite in an interest group for fluent communication on a specific subject.
And surf pros from Australia show their skills to the rest of the world.

PlanetSporty stands for dynamic, vitality and individual success. Realize yourself in your sporty surrounding field and benefit from the new possibilities to get fitter and so being one step ahead.

Upload videos and pictures from yourself in any sporty activity, from your favorite sport or your sporty idols or join interest groups to connect and unite with and share your experiences to all the other Sporties.

Health is the most important treasure on this planet. PlanetSporty combines on just one site both the motivation to sport as well as the amazing feeling while being in sporty activity. Become part of this community and let vitality guide your life.

According to our slogan connected and united sport-loving people can extend their individual surrounding field to a sporty individual surrounding field.

A. Linder (Sport- and Event manager PS): "Activity leads to motivation - and motivation leads to individual freedom!"

Besides of that PlanetSporty communicates a concern of society: in contrast to many other areas of our daily life sport stands always for collective and connected peoples. Even the ancient Greeks already associated sport with peace.
Political, religious, economical or otherwise controlled interests are not welcome at PlanetSporty!!! No matter where you are from, what your skin color, language or sex is ⇒ PlanetSporty provides a platform for all sport-loving people around the world. In addition to that, PlanetSporty supports this idea of a sporty together with own sport events. In a fair competition sport should mainly fulfill one mission: together for more tolerance and peaceful harmony!

K.Hofman (CEO PS): "During my longtime work as a Personal Coach and Trainer I′ve never seen so many peaceful people before, who were altogether connected with sport and for that reason united through it!"

That is why you should become a Sporty by yourself too; allowing individual dynamic and vitality in addition to the feeling of being united through sport become your leading philosophy of life.

PlanetSporty. connected and united